Bringing a New Vision to the World


Hosted by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico
Vision Educator and Founder, The ClearSight Method

Global Vision Summit


Is your eyesight getting worse?

Is it hard to read small print, see messages on your phone, or work on your computer without glasses?

Does all the time you spend staring at screens give you a headache or create tension in your neck, whether you use your glasses or not?

Do you hate the way you look with glasses? Or find it annoying to constantly have to take them on and off to see close-up and distance? And of course, you can never find them when you need them, right?

Maybe you've heard that reading glasses are actually making your vision worse?

Or you've already had Lasik or other eye surgery to correct your vision and still have problems?

Do you wish there was another way, a better solution?

Well, there is. You have come to the right place.

 NaturalVision 2020 will change the way you see the world.

Join us to discover the multiple dimensions involved in your experience of seeing, and the extraordinary capacity of your body to improve your vision – and your life.

Hosted by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, this groundbreaking online summit features more than 30 leaders in the field of cutting edge Natural Vision improvement – including optometrists, ophthalmologists, osteopaths, researchers, psychologists, holistic vision experts, university professors, bestselling authors and more – all generously sharing their knowledge, wisdom, skills and experience with you.

By the end of the Summit, you will have a toolkit full of proven exercises, tools, practices and techniques that you can begin to use right away to take care of your eyes, prevent future problems and improve your vision.

Global Vision Summit


 During this 4-day Global Vision Summit you will discover:
  • Global trends and the latest research in Natural Vision improvement
  • The history and growth of natural vision improvement around the world
  • Celebrating 100 years of seeing clearly without glasses or surgery
  • How taking care of your eyes now can help prevent problems in the future
  • Simple everyday exercises to improve your focus and increase visual acuity
  • Holistic approaches to vision improvement – body, mind and spirit
  • The connection between posture and vision
  • How to release the emotions that keep you from seeing
  • How relaxation, self-care and massage can improve your vision
  • A playful approach to using toys and games to stimulate your eyes 
  • Let There Be Light - the importance of sunlight for vision
  • Natural vision improvement for children and families
  • An integrative medical approach to vision
  • Case studies and success stories applying natural vision to diverse symptoms
  • How YOU can become a Vision Educator 

... and much much more!

4 Days • 30+ Speakers


 Leading Natural Vision Experts and Educators from Around the World

Dr. Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD.
United States

Optometrist, Vision Scientist, Author, Inventor

 Rosemary Gaddum Gordon
United States / UK

 Founding Faculty Member, Vision Educator Training Institute

Dr. Meir Schneider
United States / Ukraine

Founder and Director, School of Self Healing

Maurizio Cagnoli

Founder of International Schools of Natural Vision

Nathan Oxenfeld
United States

Natural Vision Educator, Teacher & Author

Nina Hutchings

Visual Trainer and Somatic Educator

Dr. Ray Gottlieb
 United States

Optometrist and Dean of the College of Syntonic Optometry

Claudia Muehlenweg
United States / Germany 

Holistic Vision Improvement Expert & Founder, My Holistic Vision

Sigita Kriauciuniene

Vision Educator & Executive,  Lithuanian Healthy Lifestyle Union

Sylvia Gelman

Natural Vision Educator & Trainer
Academy of Healthy Living

Barry Auchettl  

Holistic Vision Educator & Author, Founder, Eye Power

Dr. Marc Grossman, O.D. L.A.c.
United States

 Holistic Optometrist, Acupuncturist
& Founder,

Orit Kruglanski

Osteopath, Visual Educator
and Author

Dr. Arturo Solis-Herrara  

Ophthalmologist and Founder, Human Photosynthesis Research Center

Esther Joy van der Werf
United States / Netherlands

 Natural Vision Educator
Founder & Author, Visions of Joy

Greg Marsh
United States 

Natural Vision Teacher, Wellness Coach & Creator, Better Eyesight Now

Ana Paula Figueiredo

Occupational Therapist & Self-Healing Instructor, Center of Calatonia

Dr. Florencia Milanese 

Pediatric Ophthalmologist,
Vice President, ASOLEA

Kevin Wooding

Vision Educator, Founder, Bates Method International ,

Judith Bolz

Coach, Trainer and Founder, Institute for Vision and Knowledge

Loy Chye Bin

Natural Vision Improvement Teacher

 Peter Grunwald
New Zealand / Germany

 Natural Vision Educator
Creator, The Eyebody Method

Mikołaj Markiewicz

 Founder, Institute of Training and Therapy of Vision

LIzzie May

Natural Vision Teacher

Viram Agrawal

Vision Therapist and Founder, Vision Yoga

Fernanda Leite Ribeiro

Behavioral Optometrist, Self-Healing Instructor and Vision Educator

Dr. Larry B. Wallace O.D., Ph.D.
United States

Behavioral Optometrist, College of Syntonic Optometry

Dr. Jerriann Taber
United States

Vision Specialist, Natural EyeTeacher
& Founder, Vision Training Institute

Christopher Lane
South Africa

Vision Educator
Director, Better Vision

 Dr. Ainhoa de Federico 
Spain / France / Mexico

 Research Professor
Founder, ClearSight Method

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Global Vision Summit




Your Host for NaturalVision 2020

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico

Vision Educator

Researcher & Professor
University of Toulouse

Founder of ClearSight

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico is Professor-Researcher at the University of Toulouse, France, where she teaches Natural Vision. She is a Vision Educator recognized by the AVE - The Association of Vision Educators.

For 18 years, she has been helping a growing number of people to see better naturally, without glasses or surgery, with her ClearSight Method. She has been invited to teach her method in person in six countries (United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica).

In 2016 she created Volver a ver Claro, the first online course of Natural Vision in Spanish. Since then more than a million people in 200 countries have watched the free online classes, resulting in thousands of students in more than 50 countries. Between courses, talks, conferences, workshops, face-to-face and online individual sessions, she has helped more than a million people around the world to improve their vision naturally.

The ClearSight Method online will be available for the first time in English in 2021, expanding its reach to even more people around the globe.

Her dream is that Natural Vision enters public educational systems and that everyone can learn to see well naturally. Meanwhile, her mission is to help all those people who want to improve their vision by natural means all over the world.

In 2020, to mark the centenary of Natural Vision, she embarked on a series of new initiatives, including VisionNatural 2020, the 1st Online Forum on Natural Vision and Complementary Techniques,  the first online school for Vision Educators in Spanish, the NaturalVision 2020 Global Vision Summit and the 'Visionary Children' project, which she will present as part of the Summit.


Where does the Summit take place?

The Natural Vision Forum takes place completely online, so you can experience it wherever you are, as long as you have internet or Wi-Fi connectivity, from your computer or desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or smartphone.

How do I watch the presentations?

Once you register, you will receive access to view all the recordings for all four days of the Summit.

After signing up, you will receive an email every day for four days, with links to access the recordings online. You can view them from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Are the presentations live?

No.  Because we have speakers and participants from all over the world, in multiple time zones, all interviews are pre-recorded and available for you to view online to ensure everyone has access from wherever they are. We anticipate sharing a live session or two, and details will be available on dates and times soon.

Watch for our e-mails as there may be surprises added on the fly !

How long will the interviews be available?

While many online summits make their content available for just 24 to 48 hours, we are so excited about our selection of great speakers that we want to make it easier for everyone to access.

With this in mind, all presentations (once published) will be available for you to view for free during the 4 days of the Forum.

If you want to have access for a longer time, you have the option of purchasing the Premium Package. With it, you'll get unlimited access to all the Summit interviews in audio and video format, plus written transcripts and additional bonus content that is accessible only to purchasers of the Premium Package. This way it will be all yours to keep and watch, on your own time and your own schedule, as often as you like.

You will be able to upgrade to the Premium Package after registration. And remember, even without the Premium Package, you will be able to watch all 30+ presentations for free during the duration of the Summit.

What if the Summit has already started? Can I still register?

Yes, free registration remains open until the final day of the Summit. However, once the Summit officially ends, the only way you will be able to access all of the speakers and presentations is by purchasing a Premium Package.

Neither ClearSight Method nor Ainhoa de Federico perform diagnoses or prescribe treatments, lenses or operations that are reserved for medical professionals. Natural vision practices do not replace the advice of the ophthalmologist or optician, being a complementary option. The opinions and practices expressed here have shown positive results in a large number of cases, as a useful and effective visual improvement option, although under no circumstances do they imply a guarantee of results. The practice and application are under the responsibility of the participants. 

This product is not a substitute for a professional medical advice. Always consult a physician for health-related issues. This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to results should not be interpreted as a guarantee.

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